Become Unstoppable

Master your Mind in 6 easy steps. Get Confidence, Clarity and Energy.

I believe our mind is our super power. If we learn how to master it, we become unstoppable. And with knowing how to master mind, everything is possible.

With these six easy steps you will learn about and apply different aspects that influence mind to help you on your journey. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or want to scale-up your business. These 6 steps are crucial if you want to thrive.

Module 1 - Master Self 

In this module, we will focus on self. Because, here’s the thing, whatever we do (or dont do), it has to be consistent with how we see ourselves. That is how the brain works, in full congruence with the image we have of ourselves in our mind. Although at times this might feel uncomfortable, know that this is part of growth as your brain will always pull you back to the familiar. So feeling uncomfortable is you choosing to make the unfamiliar your default until also that becomes familiar.

Another aspect about Self is that we build it, we tweak it, we upgrade it based on what happens around us, the experiences we have and the situations we give meaning ... feeling lost is thus not possible as self is always created and thus can be recreated. Yay!

So instead of asking yourself who am I, you are probably more served by asking the question who do I want to become. Because we create and act accordingly. During this module we will lay the foundations.

Module 2 - Master Brain 

Our brain is the machinery through which mind operates. It's a communication channel, so sophisticated and adaptable. All you need is to learn the manual. In this module you will learn the basic mechanisms of Brain. You will learn how to play with it so you can have it work for you instead of against you. This mechanism we also call Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change connectivity. Every thought we think creates or strengthens a neural pathway. In this module you will learn how to actively influence these dynamics by understanding the rules of play.

Module 3 - Master Body 

Men sana in corpore sano … but how does it work, really? In this module you will learn about behaviour and its effects on hormones. How to dose cortisol (our stress Hormone) by understanding the dynamics of happy hormones. Body, Brain and Mind are in constant communication. Understanding these dynamics will help you gain control, manage and regain energy so you can become unstoppable.  

Module 4 - Master Resilience 

Although you are ambitious, talented and eager to move, the road to succes is not lineair and we will be faced with setbacks. We will fail, we will feel disappointed and we will hit our heads … So in order to become unstoppable it is important to learn how to bounce back and how to do that fast.

A lot has to do with the meaning you give things and how strong you feel about reaching your goals. That is why in this module you will learn easy to use tools that will help you to bounce back happy when faced with a setback. It’s a fundamental skill for you to train when you want to become unstoppable.

Module 5 - Master Emotions 

A topic with much tabou when talking business. And yet, of such great value when you understand the dynamics. Because, what do we really know about emotions? And why are they so valuable in becoming unstoppable … all this will be explained in this module.

Module 6 - Master consistency 

In this final module we will deep dive in ways how to master all the above in a consistent way so you have all the tools, brainpower and mindset to take with you on your journey. Persistence and consistency are key in becoming unstoppable. This module will give you clear take-aways and introduce you to the how.