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I believe our mind is our superpower. If we learn how to master it, we become unstoppable. And with knowing how to mastermind, everything is possible.

The 6 fundamentals will give you a scientific framework, inspired by neuroscience and practical know-how. You will learn and practice different aspects that influence mind that is crucial on your journey in creating that dream reality. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or you are scaling-up your business, the 6 fundamentals will support you in getting you there without burning-out   – Ines Gaston

Learn 6 fundamentals that will allow you to keep control, build confidence and thrive with energy.

Module 01

Master Self

As your business grows, so are you. Building a business is all about self-development. Knowing who you are and getting clear on who you need to become is vital! If we ignore this part of business, we might experience a disconnect. Maybe you experience uncomfortable moments where overwhelm kicks-in. Maybe you are trying too hard and are not able to stop … If this is something you relate to or something you wish to avoid, you might be interested to learn how Mastering Self can make your journey so much easier and FUN without losing performance!

Module 02

Master Brain

Knowing how the brain works is like knowing the manual that drives the machinery towards success. Our brain is designed to protect us, it is designed to execute, to support us with decision making and so much more. It is the machine that drives our behavior! And guess what, 70% of brain is under our control! Yes, it is! So how do we outsmart stress, stop fear so you can make better decisions? This module is all about understanding our own behavior through a different lens. Learn the manual that will give you a competitive advantage so your business can grow in serenity. 

Module 03

Master Emotions

It’s not exaggerated when people say that entrepreneurship can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. And with good reason as growing your business is very intense. However, not many of us are aware that our emotions are our best asset! They are messengers that tell us something about our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. In other words, they do not need to be just pain and suffering. I can teach you to navigate those feelings in a way that will drive you towards becoming Unstoppable and teach you how you can use your emotions as a competitive advantage.

Module 04

Master Awareness

Awareness is the seed toward transformation. As an entrepreneur, your daily life is about learning how to navigate a constant change. On your journey, you will find yourself challenged and to prevent you from overwhelm, a solid practice in Awareness is fundamental. During the program, you will learn simple techniques to keep control. It will unfold the importance of habits, conversations with self, techniques to keep clarity that impact confidence. In other words, fuel for growth and food for thought that lead you towards success.

Module 05

Master Community

Success is never a one-person job! So having a community around you that support you and help you push your dreams into reality is vital. During this module, we will shed some light on elements that are important for you and your business. You become the average of the people you spend the most time with. So ask yourself: “Who do you spend the most time with and are they helping you in creating that dream reality?”.

Module 06

Master Consistency

Persistence and consistency are key to becoming unstoppable. This module will give you clear take-aways and introduce you to ‘the how’. This module is as much a deep dive as it is a consolidation of ways in mastering all the above in a consistent way so you have all the tools, brainpower and mindset to take with you on your journey. I will support you in creating a solid framework and toolbox that will help you in your journey.

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Building Businesses without burning out! Master the 6 Fundamentals that will protect you from Overwhelm, Exhaustion and Feeling Stuck. Join the Program today!

From our first meeting Ines really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the right path for me.

Nienke Nina Keizer

Founder, Digital Nomads Daily