Embrace the adventure of being you

Trained Psychologist working as a Coach, Corporate Background, Traveler, Creative soul, Entrepreneur at heart.

Today I can gratefully say I live the life I have always imagined to have. I work on my own terms, where I want and when. I’m having an impact with doing the things that I love. I travel the world and have friend in different corners on the globe. And every day I take a step and take this dream further. Building it, growing it and feeling energized, happy and fulfilled along the way. However, this did not happen overnight. I had to go through a transformation in order to write this. A transformation that was initiated by pain. One that challenged my thinking, made me face my fears and pushed me to jump into the unknown. Not once, but many times.

We all take a wrong turn in life or feel lost. The experience that follows a setback is what makes us grow. We may get caught up in the rat race and wake-up one day asking ourselves “is this it”. We may lose ourselves in expectations. Or get caught-up in rules we allow to control our lives. It happened to me too: in 2014, when I went to see my doctor, I had no clue what was coming. Educated with two masters, a wonderful career in corporate, but felt completely disconnected from life itself … Although I had a wonderful life, a big apartment in the city, company car and amazing friends I just didn’t feel it and was living on automatic pilot. I knew I was stressed and I did feel tired, but aren’t we all at times?

"Burnout: An invitation towards Transformation" 


Six months went by and I felt everything was falling apart. I had limited energy and felt restless, and as a bonus I was starting to have panic attacks. I knew I had to slow down but somehow, I forgot how to. I was unable to find the brakes. As a born optimist I was confronted with feelings of insignificance and despair. Heavy eyes, the need to sleep all the time, anxious, lonely, sad and angry.

Burnout was the slap in my face I needed to stand still and become aware of what was going on around me and within me. I was told I needed to take it easy, to slow down. I felt clueless. I needed an intervention. It was the only way to get me to adjust course and to get back on a path towards growth instead of self destruction.  

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong. But sometimes it is letting go” - Herman Hesse


One day I told myself “this needs to change. I bought a one-way ticket to Cuba which was followed by a journey of more than a year backpacking solo in Latin-America. The adventurer in me was brought to live! I had no idea what I was doing and even less where I wanted to go, but I allowed myself to not know and to just be. I finally slowed down.

If you want to fly, you need to let go of things that weigh you down” - Toni Morrison


Slowing down taught me many things. I stopped trying so hard and started enjoying myself instead. I learned to appreciate my own company, to be alone, to get lost in time and moments; I learned to dream again. Or rather, I allowed myself to do so. I disconnected from social expectations and became more aware of my own needs.  I said goodbye to the “I have to” way of life and the “I need to” self-talk. Instead, I started living according to a new mantra “I want to”.

"You can not fix a problem with the same mindset that created one" - A. Einstein


After a year on the road, fully recharged, fully connected and ready for a new adventure I started a corporate job again. I loved the dynamics and worked with amazing people, but something felt off. I wondered wheterh is was the adjustment to the corporate ritm, or the lack of sun after 365 days of summer. However, one thing I knew for sure, this new life I was creating just didn’t feel right. So I enrolled in a coaching course and quit my job again. I saw many talented people struggling and not knowing where to go, without a clue about what to do first and in desperate need for some guidance. Driven by my own passion and focus I decided to make a difference in people's lives.

“Embrace the adventure of being you” – Simone de Beauvoir


My mission in life is to be that person I needed when feeling lost and to help people breakthrough their inner blocks so can put the energy where it belongs.

In retrospect, burnout was a curse but at the same time it was a blessing. I’m glad for the experiences driven by burnout. It gave me back what I have lost, it has opened the door to allow and let in the better version of me. I went from a state of complete disconnect to a fully upgraded version, Ines 2.0 as you will. I finally have the life, lifestyle and profession that makes me feel fulfilled. And now I want to help others achieving the same thing.

Ines Gaston