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I help you build resilience by bringing back Clarity, Confidence and Energy. So you can move forward and thrive

You can’t fix a problem with the same mindset that created one.

– Albert Einstein

What do you want?

You  feel blocked?

Are you lacking focus?

How can I breakthrough fear? 

How can I feel more confident? 

What is holding me back?

How I can enhance my performance? 

How can I keep focus? 

What can I do to better manage my Energy? 

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Are you ready to break through inner blocks that are holding you back from becoming that version your business needs to have an impact on a bigger scale?

I am Ines Gaston and my mission is to help creative entrepreneurs master their minds and help to enter the the brave and unconventional lifestyle. I was born and raised in Belgium, Spanish-Algerian roots and have been living the location independent since 2014.  

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“Embrace the adventure of being you!

Do, learn, grow and give back while making an impact on a bigger scale.

Working with Ines felt so natural as she gave me the feeling she understands what am I talking about. This has helped me in sharing feelings and fears as she is so easy to connect with. Her approach is very pragmatic and practical, giving you at times things to do that help you in solving your struggles. She’s an inspiring example of trusting that living the life you want to live is possible.

Valeria, Italy


I met Ines during one of her masterclasses. At that time I have just quit my job to start my own business. I was very excited but didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur jet. With her program “Becoming Unstoppable, Ines her power, energy and knowledge really helped me to understand my brain and to translate this to myself and the points I wanted to change/strengthen. When I look back from where I was until now, I can truly say that Ines helped me in this process. So if you are truly serious about growing and becoming unstoppable, then Ines is your go-to person!

Charlotte van der Landen, The Netherlands

Founder and CEO

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