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Ines is a wonderful and warm person that pushed exactly the right buttons while creating this comfortable trusting bond. The sessions gave me a mirror, which can be very confronting, but Ines made sure the right tools to work on yourself were provided as well. She showed me how to enjoy the process, to sometimes stop and smell the roses, and by slowing down you open yourself up to even more opportunities than you thought possible. If you’re ready to change your life around and gain the right mindset for this I can highly recommend Ines to you!

Kirsten Verwoerd, The Netherlands


I clicked with Ines from the first introduction. Her story resonated with me and she immediately understood what I meant when I was describing my challenges and goals. Ines is good at reading between the lines and that helped me to see and to become aware of the thoughts and fears that block me to move forward and to reach my full potential. I love her energy and her enthusiasm in what she is doing. Her approach has helped me to stretch my comfort zone and become more confident in the things I’m doing

Gita, Latvia

Working with Ines gave me insights, motivation, and inspiration to find myself again. She helped me in understanding how to do work again that is connected to my “drivers” and heart. Work has always been a big part of my life, have been in corporate for about 14 years. I was also stuck on a personal level, mainly since work always has been a big part of my life. Ines gave me the inspiration and mindset to rethink and find what drives me on a private and professional level. My experience during the sessions with Ines was a feeling of openness and trust and the feeling of immediate self-development. Ines inspired me in so many ways and gave me the tools and thoughts on how to get out of the spiral I was unhappily stuck in. 

Robert Brander, Sweden.

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