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Breakthrough Burnout

An 8 week recovery Program to get you back on track!

I believe that a setback creates room for improvement. When faced with a crisis, we are never stuck as we always have a choice. Although you might feel different, this program will support you in breaking through your burnout.

I believe in the power of the present as you can choose to not have the past eat your future.  We can choose to create the person we want to become by changing what we do today.

Burnout is an invitation for transformation. The start of a journey towards the person you want to be. So stop putting yourself on hold and surrender so you can embrace the adventure of becoming you.  

Module 1 – Regain Calm – week 1 & 2

When faced with burnout, you might find yourself in a state of disconnect. You don’t know who you are, you feel trapped, your body is not working with you anymore. You might even have experienced a panic attack, ended-up in the ER to discover there is no real physical reason. Or you might have locked yourself in the bathroom a few times, crying your eyes out for no obvious reason… These are just a few manifestations where your body no longer asks for a change, but demands one. Needless to say that everyone who has gone through such an episode will be willing to make changes in order to prevent it from happening again.

This is why the first module will focus on Calm, regaining the ability to stand still and create an environment around and within yourself that allows to deconnect. You will learn the biology behind burnout, learn simple exercises to deconnect and give yourself permission to do so.

Module 2 – Regain Clarity – week 3 – 4 – 5

One of the biggest tools in order to gain back control is gaining clarity on who we are, what we want and who we need to become in order to get there. When faced with burnout, its not easy at all to answer simple questions as “who are you”, “what do you want”. That is why we will start off with simple questions and tap in to past experiences. This will help you to get clarity on what you need and what you like. By taking it step-by-step and starting very general, we will work our way to the specifics.

In this module you will also learn about the powerful effect of Goalsetting, the neuroscience of success and how to influence self image so we can act accordingly.

Finally you will learn that the best way to deal with feeling overwhelmed is focus. The technics learned in this module will help you in the process of reconnecting.

Module 3 – Regain Confidence – week 6 – 7

This module will help you in laying the foundations of preparing you for your upgrade. This will happen by carefully planning out the next steps and start doing small and easy things so we can get there. Because by know you will have learned that the only thing that is between here and there is taking action. In this module we will explain the magic of progress by translating goals into plans, sharpening mindset, skillset and actionset so you can become that version of yourself that you are most proud of and that will allow you to feel fulfilled.

Module 4 – Regain Community  – week 8

In order to have continuity, we need to carefully create an environment that allows sustainability. In this module you will learn the importance of relationships, you will understand its effect on life expectancy, health and future you’s. The people you surround yourself with and the environments you play in are crucial in the becoming of you and your successes.This module will focus on getting clear on what it is you need and what you can give back so you can create the environment and invite those people that will make a difference.